Pac Man Eating Evo Decal

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Pac Man Eating Evo Decal

Size: 5 inches x 4 inches

High-Quality Die-Cut Decal made with a difficult yet carefully crafted 3 layer vinyl design. Because this is Oracal outdoor vinyl, you can stick it anywhere, even under the hood.

You get one 5 x 4-inch Decal with a tape mask overlay to help with installation.

INSTALL TIPS: Clean the area where you wish to apply the decal with 70% (or less) rubbing alcohol or soap & water. Wipe the area dry with a lint-free cloth. A rigid card or squeegee is recommended for applying the decal. Do not pressure wash your vehicle for 24 hours after decal install. Decal adheres best in warmer weather or indoors, like a garage.

If you're in a colder area or winter has come, a heat gun or blow dryer may be used to ensure proper adhesion.

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