MMB Mad Meerkat Burrow "The Talking" NFT Canvas Art

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MMB Mad Meerkat Burrow "The Talking" NFT Canvas Art

Size: 24 x 12 inches

The second Official Mad Meerkat Burrow canvas piece featuring "The Talking" artwork, created by The Decorator, an amazing artist and part of the Mad Meerkat Burrow team. This artwork was released as an extremely rare variant of the original "Vision" NFT airdrop to all 777 Ethereum Mad Meerkat Burrow NFT holders via the Polygon chain on OpenSea.

This official canvas piece is made with top-quality materials and features incredibly rich color and clarity printed on very high-quality canvas and then stretched across a museum-grade wooden frame so that you can hang it easily on a wall and surely brighten up any space you choose.

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