About Us

We started as a small graphics company in Pennsylvania in 2008 named PMGraphics and enjoyed making shirts and stickers for friends, along with some art and logos for a few companies as a hobby. As the demand for more products grew, I decided it was time to invest more time into the hobby and make it a company. But many things got in the way and for a while it seemed like the dream would stay a dream and I packed up all of my design equipment into a box and forgot about it for almost 2 years.
Fast forward to 2012, I am back in my home state of Washington. With income dwindling and tired of my severely unrewarding and low paying security job, I decided it was time to break out the old equipment and make something happen again.
2013 comes along and brings many changes with it. A major influence, even still today, was the medical marijuana community of the Pacific Northwest. Because of this community, word of my parent company, Northwest Decalz, was spreading and new and upcoming businesses needed products to get their dreams out of their heads and into reality but at the time not a whole lot of graphics companies were interested in being involved with marijuana. I decided to fill this gap and fix this problem and on April 21st 2014, the day after 420, Northwest Decalz became an official business.
A year or so later I was working on some logos for a client and came up with the dripping evergreen tree (our current logo and trademark) in a slew of ideas that I was designing in Illustrator. I decided I really liked it so I kept if for myself, printed it out and hung it on the wall for a while. Then one day I came into the office and was eating some take out when I got it all over my shirt. So rather than just grab a blank shirt off the shelf, I decided I would make one for myself. Something cool and original. I looked up at that picture I printed out of the evergreen tree, put a rough vector of it on a shirt and Evergreen Kings was born.
From there Evergreen Kings was created as a lifestyle brand catering to a crowd of unique individuals who all share a common bond, marijuana. Much has changed over the years and we now offer much more than just unique lifestyle branded t shirts but we still cater to this crowd that taught us so much and took us so many amazing places! We strive to offer the highest quality goods in every department we offer, for the best possible price. Since we make everything in house, you don't pay middle man fees. Buy direct!
Our parent company, Northwest Decalz, has also received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau! Thank you for reading and we hope to do business with you soon!