Illuminati UV Green Hat Brim Drip Pin™

Blue Devil Glass

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Illuminati hand crafted boroscilicate glass made right here in the Pacific Northwest. Each pin features two drips that give the appearance of slime dripping off the brim of your hat or other accessory.

When this pin is under ultraviolet light or a blacklight it will light up a vibrant green color!

The back of each pin includes a solid and carefully designed lapel pin needle and clasp like a traditional hat pin that you puncture through the bill of the hat and hold in place with the included metal butterfly clasp.

Each pin is unique and no two pins are identical although they will look just like the one pictured. 

We recommend that you first decide where you want to place the pin on your hat, make a small indent with the needle of the pin back, and then use a thumb tack or or safety pin to puncture the hole for easy installation. Removal is simple and the hole left behind is small and hardly noticeable.